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Students interested in our program can read Lanier's bio and professional history, policy and tuition, program requirements and objectives and all other information that may interest you from our official website, lauricelanierstudios.com. From this website, our enrolled students may login to their account to check lesson times, pay tuition, view lesson reconciliations, and email your teacher. 

Owner Laurice Lanier is a 41st Annual Image Award Nominee for the 3 Mo' Divas CD for Best Duo, Group, or Collaboration with nominees, The Black Eyed PeasDay 26, Jay-Z featuring Alycia Keys, and Jay-Z featuring Rihanna & Kanye West. Maryland Public Television calls Laurice, "One of the Most Versatile Voices on the Planet". Laurice Lanier Music Studio is subsidiary of Trowell Entertainment.


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